Delivery time?

Your order is processed instantly after payment confirmation.


Yes, all of our UPC codes work with Amazon and its partners.

Accepted Payments?

We process all payments through PayPal, including credit and debit cards.

Retail Stores?

Our UPC codes work with all retailers excluding Walmart, Sam’s Club, Kroger, Macy’s, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco, Fred Meyer,  and Bloomingdale’s. These stores require that you purchase your own GS1 license ($).

Where Is My Order?

Your order is located under the "My Downloads" section of our website. If it is not showing up, please contact us through our "contact" page.

Price Match?

Yes, we price match any legitimate offer by 25%. You will receive this discount in the form of a coupon code.

What Does My Order Include?

Every order comes with the exact number of UPC codes you ordered, their corresponding barcode images, and lifetime technical support.

Lifetime Technical Support?

For as long as the world continues to rotate, we will assist you with any issues you encounter in regards to the UPC codes you purchased.

How Are You So Cheap?

We don't go through middlemen like many other UPC companies, therefore we pass the savings onto you.